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Poco X3 Pro vs X3 GT, Main Differences And Which Is Better?

And looking at the specs of the Poco X3 Pro, I am willing to bet that it will fare well in my battery tests. It comes with a large 5160mah battery with support for up to 33W charging. My only complaint here is the macro and depth sensor, as both are underwhelming. I don’t understand why phone manufacturers strap on a poor 3rd and 4th camera when the cost of them can be used on something else.

volver a rom stock poco x3 pro

The display has a centrally-aligned notch and the bezels surrounding it are quite slim. Apart from Gorilla Glass 5, there is also a pre-applied screen protector shielding the screen. The rear camera array still bulges out and the bundled case barely evens out the hump.

  • With no OIS on either this won’t deliver the smoothest, steadiest video around, but it’ll do the job.
  • This custom software can include smaller modifications like rooting your device or even replacing the firmware of the device.
  • Even with a couple of hours of gaming, the X3 Pro comfortably coasts through an entire day and then some more download stock firmware.
  • In 2020, many smartphone brands bring powerful processors, but now one is upper than POCO X3 pro.
  • This has to be one of the very best Fortnite/CoD/Insert Game Here phones you can get at the price.

But the angle is very wide and there is an automatic distortion correction. You shouldn’t shoot at night, the photos are dark and noisy. But there is a night mode, in which photos will at least be brighter, sharper and with less digital noise. In global markets, the OnePlus Nord is the ideal alternative to the POCO X3 Pro.

  • I mean the plastic back does collect fingerprints but either clean it once or twice a day.
  • The realme 8 Pro‘s Snapdragon 720G chipset might not impress, but the 108MP camera will.
  • So maybe the Poco X3 Pro having only LTE connections isn’t too bad a thing.
  • Once you need to top it up there is fast charging support and it is nice that the 33W charging brick is in the box.
  • The lower resolution ultra-wide sensor also means you won’t have much headroom to crop and edit images.
  • Interrupting the firmware installation process could damage your phone.

Under controlled lighting conditions, the camera renders the test chart sharply and provides a fairly accurate color reproduction. Both are poor in low ambient light, but the test chart is still quite easy to recognize. The Poco X3 Pro has an ensemble of four lenses and an LED flash on its back panel. Its core is a 48 MP camera that shoots 12 MP photos using 4-in-1 pixel-binning, but it optionally also uses the full 48 MP resolution. The Xiaomi transfers data from microSD cards at a good speed – the sequential read and write rates that we measured can’t even be surpassed by high-end smartphones.

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